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"Pictures of Perla" is a unique and experimental film, a 22-minute story told through the photos taken by the main character. The juxtaposition of the still images and the complete audio of the evening challenges the audience to pay close attention and imagine events as they unfold.

This story structure was an idea that writer/director L.D. Harrod had been developing for two years before locking down the right script for it. This experiment asked "Will an audience sit through and enjoy 20 minutes of photos?" The answer turns out to be yes, if the story is engaging, the characters feel real, and the actors bring it all to life.

The project was shot in two days. On the first day, Harrod took photos of the actors on their "date." For the second day, the cast performed their scenes together in a sound studio with a single microphone. Post-production consisted of extensive photo and sound editing. Other than the dialogue, all audio was built from scratch, layered to create the events of the story and immerse the audience.

"Pictures of Perla" premiered on May 31, 2017 as part of the Fil-Am Creative's "A Filmmakers Movement" series. It was one of 13 short films screened that evening, featuring Filipino-American writers, directors, and actors.

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Angel Qinan and Maurus Dumalaog from FAC Networks dropped by the studio on the day the actors performed for audio. Check out their video, interviewing the cast and crew of the film.

Pictures of Perla • L.D. Harrod
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