LOGOS – Branding designs created for small businesses and nonprofits.

PROMOS – Print promotional materials: postcards, posters, flyers, business cards, inserts, annual reports, and brochures

POSTCARDS for trade shows and other networking events.- 5.5×8.5

ANNUAL REPORTS – Click on a report below to view an interactive booklet.

FLYERS & BUSINESS CARDS – Printed branding materials for real-world marketing.

POSTERS – Series of inspirational parental advice posters. 16×20 and 24×36.

BROCHURE – Tri-fold 8.5×11

POSTERS – Created for independent short and feature films. 16×20, 24×36, 27×40.

MACGUFFIN – Funny images to promote the comedy troupe “MacGuffin” on social media

FAKE ADS – Parody ads created for a graphic design contest