FILM SCRIPTS – Feature screenplays and treatments
Written by Lynn Harrod. All registered WGAw.
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A man wakes up alone in the desert, chained to a tree, with no recollection of how he arrived there. What he thinks is a prank gone wrong turns into a week-long nightmare hosted by three silent masked guards. As secrets unfold, and his chance of survival dims, he’s forced to take actions he’d never imagined.

Download – Chain
Screenplay (97 pgs.)


Three unlikely friends discover a secret that allows them to do and have anything… for five minutes each day. After easy money in casinos and cardrooms, they realize wealth is not enough, and take their newfound power to frightening heights.

Lucky Five placed in the Quarterfinals of the Nicholl Screenwriting Fellowship, the Semifinals of the Writer’s Network Screenwriting Competition (FadeIn Awards), and the Finals of the Nevada Film Office Screenwriting Competition.

Download – Lucky Five
Screenplay (104 pgs.)


A haunted, cold-hearted businessman is terrorized by a masked hitman and told he must find and apologize to his mystery client or suffer for his sins. After confronting his past and those he wronged, the memory of a childhood tragedy brings about a revelation.

The Man in the Dark placed in the Semifinals of the Writer’s Network Screenwriting Competition (FadeIn Awards).

Download – The Man In The Dark
Screenplay (107 pgs.)


A troubled man lives the life of his childhood comic book hero, struggling with his identity, his history, and being hunted as a vigilante. When the comic is suddenly cancelled, he seeks answers to lifelong questions, only to find a new villain and a final challenge.

Bull Prime placed in the Top 20 Percent of the Nicholl Screenwriting Fellowship.

Download – Bull Prime
Screenplay (114 pgs.)


After years of hiding and rebuilding their lives, a ring of thieves reunite when a crime boss uses one of them to find the group and retrieve a stolen artifact. On the cracked backroads of the desert, friendships are tested, loyalties are broken, and the true nature of the boss’s power is revealed.

Download – The Dogs of Kings
Screenplay (109 pgs.)


In this mystery set in the future, a man of power is murdered during a historic voyage. A retired inspector and his young daughter must find the killer among the elite passengers and unusual crew before the ship reaches its destination.

Download – Eclipse Thirteen
Screenplay (107 pgs.)


This is a spec script for the network television show The Mentalist, a police procedural that follows former TV psychic Patrick Jane as he uses his highly developed skills of observation, cold reading, and hypnosis to help federal agencies solve murder cases.

This story takes place late in Season 6, shortly after Jane joins the FBI. Agent Kim Fisher is still on the team.

Title: Black Poker Chips

Logline: Patrick Jane and the FBI team investigate the murder of a gambler on an Indian reservation, becoming involved with gangsters, tribal politics, con men, and high stakes poker.

The Mentalist – Black Poker Chips
Screenplay (63 pgs.)


A young Mexican gangster girl seeks revenge against a group of WWII vets in order to restore her family honor.

Download – The Last of the Infinite Six
Screenplay (117 pgs.)